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  1. Hi, I have the same problem as the lady had above: I have an .ENX export file from Evernote 2 and I would like to import it in the new version. Unfortunately I don't have the original .ENB database file. I searched the net and I found I would need the Evernote 2 to recover the .ENB and after I could probably convert it readable to the newer Evernote either via earlier versions or the EN2Export tool. But it seems there is no clean Evernote 2 available anywhere to download, the earliest I found was 3.1 that doesn't read .ENX either. The Dropbox links above don't work anymore. Could you post them again, please? Thank you in advance Priscin
  2. Dear DTLow, Thank you for the quick answer. I'm still confused. I tried to use that page and I honestly don't see where I should submit that ticket there after it actually tells me to do so. I attached a screenshot. Could you point me to the right direction? Sincerely Priscin
  3. Hi, I'm trying to submit a ticket about importing an .ENX file (backup from Evernote 2). Does the system send an automatic answer after they got it? I haven't got anything back, now I have no idea even if I sent it at all. I'm confused :(. How is this supposed to work?
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