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  1. If OneNote doesn't have a great support staff neither does Evernote for Windows phone Nor Blackberry seeing they have removed support for these platforms. So really what is the difference I may as well go to OneNote. I'll have little or no support either way.
  2. What difference does it make if Evernote chooses not to support Windows or BlackBerry. Not a very dedicated support team in my opinion. May as well have one note with out support. Same thing.
  3. I am a BlackBerry user and extremely disappointed that you have decided to drop support. I have used BlackBerry phones for years and have yet to find anything remotely comparable in other phones. The speed ease and functionality is tops and ahead of other phones. I really only have been able to compare closely to the I-phone and have continued frustration getting the I-phone to be any comparison at all. My Wife has had I-phones and I am for ever having to straighten out issues on ithem and it is absolutely a dog when it comes to Internet and syncing with Evernote. I would agree that if you are a games and app junky the I-phone is superior but for work there is no comparison. Therefore the reason for my disappointment with Evernote for dropping BlackBerry. I am a Evernote Premuim user. And I just renewed my subscription. Not pleased at all. It looks like I will have to look for another place to store my notes. I was just heralding Evernote for the great system it was but it looks like that has suddenly changed. Sorry
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