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  1. Yes, this is a scary thread. I am a paying "hardcore" Evernote user. Everything that matters in my life and business is recorded within. Been at it for years. My 2017 Macbook Pro is away for a keyboard repair. So, today I bought a new 2018 Macbook Pro to tide me over while I wait (I needed another for my I.T. business anyway). Brand new computer running OS X 10.14.1. When I signed in to Evernote and synced I experienced the absolutely unusable scrolling lag for notes that contain pictures. My 2017 laptop did not present this issue. So, is there a fix? I am not interested in using "low resolution" settings. If the next update will resolve this problem I'm happy to wait. However, Evernote had better speak up here and explain the situation if they would like me to be patient. I understand that "stuff happens". But.....unacceptable. Dearest Evernote. You DO have competitors. Shall I look into them?
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