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  1. Interesting, beirne! I already had put in an Exception for www.evernote.com in the Exceptions box, but that alone had not solved the problem. Without changing the Exceptions, but changing the Third-Party cookie setting to "From Visited" all was fixed. Glad you got yours working again.
  2. I have had this problem for days, and finally fixed it. In Firefox>Preferences>Privacy, I had Accept Third-Party Cookies set to "Never". When I changed it to "From Visited", the Web Clipper immediately fixed itself. I have seen similar results posted about Safari and Web Clipper. Even if you don't want to leave the setting at "From Visited" you can at least figure out why Web Clipper has been acting up and make a decision based on that.
  3. I am using a late-2016 MacBook Pro, and Firefox and am having the same issue. Web Clipper is working fine on Chrome. I haven't tried Safari with it lately. Support so far has not been providing any useful ideas that fix the problem.
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