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  1. Dear All, Im a premium paid users having EN on my Windows 10 PC / & IPAD. My system have a solid Internet connectivity , which we use for our mail and ERP and other related activity. Of-late facing issue when i even touch any note than a duplicate in multiple times gets opened and it is just ridiculous as to how it happened and why it was not happening earlier. EN should take immediate steps to resolve these occurrence including way to solve the duplicated notes issue if they do not want to KILL THIS APP. NITIN SHAH
  2. Hi, 1. Saved search string if used than the new either tags or notes added to tha same is not getting included . 2. e.g on 1-6-2016 I have tags as below proj-6001 , proj-6002 , proj-6003 and used the search tag: proj-, and resulted into search of proj-6001, proj-6002, & proj-6003 now on 5-6-18, i have added new tag proj-6004, & proj-6005. and on 6-6-18, if i use the search (ctrl-q) tag: proj- than the tags proj-6001, proj-6002, proj-6003 are only displayed (based on search history of 1-6-18) & not getting refreshed with tags added later on. Plese provide refresh feature Nitin Shah
  3. Thanks for Swift response . I'm on windows 7 In the Side panel side bar there is section of Note and Tag having + & search sign . e.gI can go to Tag & click on find icon (magnifying glass) than following things happen 1. The dialogue box gets opens with filtered selection. e.g For Proj 001 the tags are like Project-001-concept Project -001-planning Project-001-execution Project-001-billing now based on filter say Project-001 , all above 4 tags are displayed and i select say Project-001-concept , than the relevant notes are displayed however the Tag filter dialogue box goes off and for selection of say Project-001-planning , again all above steps has to be done, which is time taking . instead of that just based on Tag filter selection in the side bar itself it should be allowed to choose 2 or more non adjuscant Tags and once filter selection only these selected tags are displayed and other gets hidden . And these stays till filters are aginst put off. I m having large no of tags (>2000) and just curser highliute is not suficient . The requested feature is there in Onenote and by making it available in Evernote , will add it's further utility Nitin Shah
  4. Hi, I'm premium user of Evernote. I suggest that in the Note & Tags Tree panel, a filter button with Drop down arrow to be provided so that when we filter the Note or Tag , than in the Note & Tag Tree it self only the filter Selection is displayed . Secondly filter should also allow the multiple & non adjuscant item selection. And till the time filter is checked off it should get displayed. From productivity perspective this will be very helpful since e.g If i have tags for project 001, project 002, etc than I can filter say Tag Project 001 , and all notes are displayed in the note view & like that. Nitin Shah
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