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  1. I use Evernote on a windows 10 platform. When I annotate a pdf file, I don't see a way to hide the annotation summary. Is this feature missing on this platform?
  2. I'm not leaving Evernote!

    Of course files and folders are important for most operating systems and we all have material organized in this manner. But at least for me the tagging mechanism is the most valuable tool to quickly lookup information. Note- when we need to lookup something in a reference book, we commonly go to the index table at the back of that book. I view tags as an index table across many reference materials that I have developed using hundreds of notes. In the past I have tried to do this with an operating system's files and folders but this is a problem with timely access to pertinent material.
  3. I'm a director of a bridge club and need quick access to laws when I make a ruling on an irregularity. I have hundreds of tags pointing to the laws and previous rulings. I need to make quick rulings when minutes matter. EN serves this purpose perfectly. Other products may have comparable capabilities but I don't care. I have hundreds of hours invested in developing this capability and the yearly cost of EN is well worth it for me.
  4. itunes Upgraded to premium - still basic

    I did reboot and now able to annotate a pdf document. Thanks.
  5. itunes Upgraded to premium - still basic

    I also upgraded to Premium from Plus. My account says I'm now a Premium user. But I don't see any features on my windows app that a Premium user should see. Can't edit pdf files for instance. What do I have to do to get my PC Evernote App upgraded to Premium?
  6. Special Symbols

    I frequently need to insert card symbols into my notes, namely Club, Diamond, Heart, Spade symbols. I currently have to copy and paste images of these symbols from another document. Is there a way to assign these symbols to special keyboard sequences or function keys? That would be a great help for me.