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  1. At least Microsoft is (for now) not faster with a OneNote Clipper update, and Evernote's communication is clearly better. 😉 https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/apple-safari-upgraded-too-v13-it-removed-my/3a98cde9-9e4b-4377-8a4d-f229677f10f9 @Ian Small: Appreciating your way of taking ownership and managing expectations, thank you for keeping us updated.
  2. Of course I can switch to another Browser. I can also switch to another OS or another Note-Taking App (I could license a whole Office Suite including a solid Note-Taking App for the Evernote Premium Subscription price), but I like my setup and I have it for a reason. I saw other Safari Add-ons like Ad-Blockers switch to the App Store and new APIs almost a year ago, maybe Safari 13 with the deprecated Extension Gallery came in a few weeks early, but not as a surprise at all. Now let's see whether Evernote can deliver a fully-fledged new Clipper by the time Catalina with Safari 13 had originally been expected. Although the announcement is rather vague (I understand that if the preparation incl. features like simplified article clipping with text highlighting is not at least in advanced beta status already), it should take weeks, not months.
  3. "When you register or create an account with IdeaPlaces, we collect the following information: email, password, Evernote access, Dropbox access, Photos/Contact Access, your location." Sorry, nope.
  4. The built-in notes app on the Mac does not have this, so how would this be relevant at all? (Long-term premium subscriber here, ready to pay for such features, but now in doubt how long other core features will survive - automated titles with location and date/time were removed some time before, will OCR for scanned documents be next on the list? Please listen, product managers.)
  5. +1 This feature was just another major reason to stay with Evernote.
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