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  1. For some reason my Google Calendar is not displaying all my calendars within the EV integration. My primary calendar is missing from both my Google Workspace and Personal account. I disconnected and reconnected Calendar integration in Evernote. I have the new professional plan. I am not sure why this is happening. Any thoughts?
  2. Cronofy has worked to great with EN reminders to sync with my Google Calendar. The connection seems to be consistent as well. There are obviously some give and take with the platform. Not being able to connect to specific calendars is one. The other is when having separate Google Calendars connected to the same Evernote account. I have a personal and G Suite account. I have linked both Calendars to Cronofy, which promotes the reminder to appear twice in my calendar, since they are shared with one another. I like the idea of having one separate calendar for EV reminders or being able to select the specific calendar to link the reminder too. At this point, it’s safe to say Cronofy doesn’t have the ability offer these features, for what ever reason. One suggestion which removes Cronofy, but creates an additional step or two. Copy the link of the note you want to be reminded about. Open a reminder in the Calendar or Remidners, and paste the link into the note section. Use the title of the note for reminder title and select the specific date and time. This reminder will then appear in your Calendar under the main calendar. Make sure you have taks enabled so it appears on the web version. This setup is nice because Google Reminders will automatically move to the the day if you don’t complete it during the initial set time. Hopefully this is helpful.
  3. Hello, I was hoping for assistance in linking my Evernote reminders to my google calendar. Secondly, is it possible to connect Evernote notes to calendar events? I look forward to hearing others insights and suggestions. Thanks, Ed
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