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  1. I don't know how to end writing / editing notes in the Evernote App without leaving the note. I want to edit it and then continue reading it! I wished there was a button for that. In Apple's "Notes" for example you can click "Done". Or sometimes there is a keyboard symbol in the app and when you press it, the keyboard vanishes and you can continue reading / scrolling down your notes.
  2. I loved the Presentation feature on the "old" Evernote app!! I used it daily to read my many notes on my phone and tablet and to be honest it was one of the main reasons I purchased Evernote Premium! I don't understand why the Presentation Mode is only available for the PC now.. And I would like to have the feature back please!
  3. Nowadays it's pretty normal for reading apps to have three options for the background colour: white, sepia and dark. During the day the white theme is really good, but when I read at night I would like a dark theme, because it's better for my eyes.
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