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  1. Hi. I'm a new user to these forums, which makes me sorry to say that my first post will be somewhat of a rant. Which is the last way I wish to start off as a new forum user, but here we are. Note: This feedback belongs in several different categories, but I chose 'Third Party Applications' since my main reason for not going premium yet falls within this category. On to it... I wanted to give some quick feedback to the evernote team about an issue I encountered, as well as a feature request (read: third party integration) which at least would be enough to make me a paying customer, maybe several others as well. The problem with giving quick feedback was this: (How to give feedback): For me to be able to drop a feedback I had to: Click the 'Help' button in the evernote user interface, followed by Click 'Help and Learning', and 'Search' for the issue I encountered, and Click 'Contact Support', and Choose 'Feedback and Communication' from the first drop-down menu, and Choose 'Feature Request or Product Feedback' from the second drop-down menu, and Choose 'General Feedback' from the third drop-down menu. Which resulted in me getting this message: "The best way to share your feedback is by posting in the Evernote Forums. The forums are actively monitored by our product and support teams, and allow you to discuss your feedback in more detail." Which in turn led me to: Registering an account in the evernote forums Find the appropriate category to post in, and Post this. There might be an easier way to do this, but I think this goes to show that it's not nearly as visible as it should be. That is If it even exists. There might be a reason why you made feedback difficult, but I fear you may be missing out on valuable feedback from those who aren't yet fully pledged evernote premium users, whom not often takes their time to give more than a minute or so to provide feedback. Now that the rant is out of the way, let's get to the intended feedback. (The issue I had): When I try to choose font and font size in the Windows application, the interface won't let me write in values of font size or font type. Either it somehow chooses a random font based on the first letter i press, or just don't do anything as it does with font size. In other words, I have to manually click the drop-down menu on both font and font size to change either of them. I'm running evernote on a surface pro 4. Then we come to the third party integration. (TPI): I don't feel evernote offer me enough value that makes me want to go from a free user to a premium user. I believe this mainly is because they offer to much value in their free basic version of their software. For me, the solution would be to integrate Grammarly in the paid version of evernote. Grammarly is a strong tool, as is evernote. In my opinion, the two of them would make an even greater experience. I do understand that a lot of people don't care about grammar when they use evernote as it mainly gets used to throwing down quick notes, and not as a word processor. However, if you (evernote team) do a couple of interviews to validate this feature request, I'm sure I'm not the only one wanting this integration. I hope this feedback will be valuable to you.
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