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  1. I've ended up using the windows app instead of the browser version which seems pretty good, it's just a shame to have an extra program open
  2. Hi , Thanks for the reply. The issue started a few months ago, I've just been sidestepping by using the app until now. The connection and hardware definitely isn't the issue, core i7, 8gb ram, 80mbit connection. I wondered if there was a chrome extension that is causing the issue but there doesn't seem to be anything for me to re-install. The app is on android. perhaps uninstalling and re-installing might fix it? Any other suggestion? Kind Regards Daniel
  3. Hi, I'm using evernote on Chrome & Windows 10. Recently (since the new interface) evernote now doesn't load for sometimes 2 or 3 minutes, and sometimes not at all. I have to refresh the page using F5 a few times for it to work in this case. Subsequently, and this may or may not be linked, my evernote phone app now continuously corrupts and has to rebuilt the database at least once per day. This has only started happening this week and the slow issue started about 2 months ago or so. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I used to use evernote a lot now I can't use it at all
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