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  1. Can you be more specific? What pop-up are you referring to? We show popups only when we think we have something useful to tell you and we only show them once per user. However uninstalling resets this count so IF you choose to install it again you may see them once more.
  2. Completed agree with Miguel-S. My wife and I use a Shared notebook, and it would be INCREDIBLY USEFUL for both of us to create tags within the Shared Notebook. Please, please, please consider adding this feature for an upcoming update.
  3. There he goes again, adding something non-pertinent. I'm beginning to think you have nothing better to do. When I browse forums, I don't have to put my 2cents in every single thread. If there are questions I don't know the answer to, I simply do not try to answer it with something completely irrelevant.
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