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  1. DTLow, I'm happy line spacing isn't a big concern for you, but it is for others, which is why you just typed that response to a post complaining about it.... It's also why, if you search "how to reduce line spacing in Evernote", Google is more than happy to give you a long list of past complaints that echo this one. Your sole agenda bears no significance on the large community of Evernote users. Saying that a problem isn't a big deal for you doesn't render it solved. Your time here as a "guru" should be spent helping people, not dismissing them. Customers have the right to an annoyed tone, especially when a feature is so minute that it's crazy it hasn't been initiated. If you're confused, please reread your response and see how it provided no value. This isn't Reddit. To see the requests past, just google "how to edit line spacing in Evernote." Here are some links. Just note the dates (2010, etc.): The main issue is that the line spacing doesn't change when the font size changes. So when you make the font smaller it's not saving room at all, which kind of defeats one of the purposes of a font size.
  2. Ridiculously simple feature that makes ALL the difference when reading notes on phone. It's insane how fundamental this is, yet Evernote has not included this. It's in every other editor except Evernote. Like I stated in the title, this has been requested six years ago. You're about to lose a customer over a ridiculously small problem. If I don't see this in the next update I'm switching to any other app, the reason being 100% just because I need adjustable line spacing. Simpler than simple solution to a substantial problem.
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