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  1. Hi. I'm using Windows, and I will definitely make a copy of my Evernote database when I do my usual back-ups. How can I tell which of my notebooks are local?
  2. Thanks for replying. So, Evernote backs up notebooks to its servers, and it also keeps a local back-up on my hard drive. Is that correct? How do you do your full weekly back-up? When selecting the "Export" option on Evernote, there are 4 different formats to choose from. Do you reccommend doing a weekly back-up in each format?
  3. Hello, I love Evernote but I'm quite a paranoid person, and I'm terrified of potential data loss. I hoard articles I've read, quotes from books I've read, notes I've made during my degree, film reviews I've written, etc. and I would hate to lose them. Can you guys let me know the best set up to ensure that my notes are never lost? I plan on buying a new computer soon, and I've heard that some people have lost their notes when logging in with their Evernote account on a new device.
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