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  1. A few other janky things I've noticed about tables. Can't remove huge amount of whitespace before a table if it is is the first thing Can't copy and paste a table from Apple Notes. BTW: I know this forum is basically a black hole as I see things like dark theme ignored since 2013.
  2. Sigh...time to unsubscribe to this thread as this feature will clearly not be added anytime soon.
  3. Yeah, it is definitely not a replacement for Evernote and may be missing some of the features. If you highlight something, you should get something like the following, at least on MacOS. You can also use MarkDown code and it will auto format.
  4. It's kind of mind boggling this isn't a feature still. It's not like there is a ton of UI in this product, so skinning it shouldn't be a huge effort. I've been using Alternote in the meantime as it is integrates with Evernote and does have a dark theme. Unfortunately it does have a few annoying bugs, so it would be great to see this feature in the original product.
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