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  1. Only in the interest of providing feedback: I am a non-paying user. I use Evernote extensively for work and for personal use. I use minimal storage and minimal bandwidth. I'm considering upgrading because of the 2 device limit, and because I have enjoyed Evernote quite a bit over the years. I've been a bit of an evangelist over the past 8 or 9 years. I have no idea how many of the many, many users I've set up have generated revenue. I only know that there have been "many, many". However, I am more likely to jump ship. And the reason is that I can no longer advocate Evernote to all of my friends, family, and coworkers. The majority of these people were never going to be paid users, though some probably would. I'm a consultant. Notes and information are our lifeblood. It's the network effect. It's why the free users are so valuable to even apps that require subscriptions for revenue. I was a huge node in that network. I didn't share many notes, but I shared the usage of the app all over the place. It was just so USEFUL, bugs and all. But - there are other options and better ones every year. Obviously, the company has it's reasons. But I have to wonder if they understand just how much that device limit kills this app for the casual users that keep it out in the minds of the mass population from which the paying users spring. The easy omnipresence was the killer feature. I can no longer have brainless, easy access on my phone, my work computer, my spare phone, that tablet I take on trips once in a blue moon... Ok, so I can still log into a browser on any computer. That has always been an awesome bonus. I can shuffle devices - but I'm not going to. And I do routinely need offline access. I'm in no rush. I'm invested! I have soooo many notes and notebooks. But there's grist in my workflow now and so it'll be changing. And there goes a huge chunk of that network effect. I doubt I'm all that unique. And the fact that I'm sharing this perspective is sheer happenstance - I'm looking for information on why the website won't load. Oh, and my phone is over there with the app -- but I needed to quickly note some items on my work computer, which isn't one of the two devices. Yep. A bunch of unimportant things which amount to EN not being a thing to a large chunk of the general population over the next several years.
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