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  1. @DTLow - have not tried note link function. will give it a shot. thanks for the guidance.
  2. Greetings Evernoters, First time posting. Have used evernote for years - apparently somewhat ham-handedly given the slick applications folks here have come up with. In the field, I often must assimilate data from: 1) drawings (could be detailed mechanical piping diagrams or a simple fire escape type floor plan), 2) field notes taken on paper or in evernote, and 3) photos. Looking for suggestions for pulling this together from people who have the T-shirt (been there, done it...). It would be particularly useful to link photos to locations on drawings or floor plans. The best I have come up with is to create a table in evernote, stick pics in the left column and use fields to the right to insert notes and data.
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