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  1. In the Windows desktop version, when I touch the note panel, the default behavior is to select rather than to scroll, which is really annoying. It's clear that ink / touch support and 2 in 1 devices like Surface (I'm heavy Surface and Evernote user) will be the trend in later Win10 releases. I really hope Evernote team will add more touch support to its windows version, if you cannot add full ink function as that in Onenote immediately. For example, I wish that when I touch the note panel with my finger, the default behavior is to scroll while it will select text if I switch to my Surface Pen.
  2. Also adding my voice to the choir! I'm a heavy Surface and Evernote user having switched from Onenote. At first I really appreciate the tag system and Evernote's UI, however, with Win10 increasingly rolling out more ink / touch functions, Evernote seems rather indifferent to this trend. This almost let me consider switching back to Onenote. It's sorry that I see little ambitions and priorities on the Evernote side to improve Win10 user's experience.
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