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  1. Thank you gazumped. I've since checked out SureNotifier. I think I'll try it.
  2. Hi All, I've been trying to get colleagues to collaborate with me via EverNote for ages. They're finally doing it, a little. I've shared notebooks with them. They can edit and invite; they care add and modify notes within the shared notebooks. The little notifications 'bell' icon on my Mac client turns blue when one of my colleagues adds a note. This was easily missed, btw. Part of collaboration, I want them each to provide their own comments on articles one of us clips from the web. As is, if I look for the notification 'bell' icon changing color, I'll see when one has added a new note. However, I created a second basic EverNote account to see things from their perspective, and further test things out. In doing so, I used this 'other' basic account to modify a note that had been created by my premium account. I've seen no indication of this change in the notification 'bell' icon. Is there something I'm missing? This seems an extremely important kind of collaboration feature (alerts when colleague has changed a shared note). Please advise me as to how I can be alerted when my colleagues modify an existing, shared note. Also, I'm currently the only premium account; they are 'basic' accounts until they're hooked. I mentions this because my interest spans the user experience of two different Evernote account types. Thanks, Eirik
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