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  1. In my notes I’ve sometime links to Omnifocus or other iOS app, in the new iOS client I can’t open hose links. I tap on the link and nothing happens.
  2. Please, improve the document scanner! Scannable is great, please bring the same level of quality to the embedded document scanner!
  3. When I’m in “All notes” view I’ve two tabs: “Notes” and “Reminders”; if I select a notebook, the “Reminders” tab disappears even if there are reminders set for notes in that same notebook.
  4. Many people nowadays use an iPad as primary machine, so please provide feature parity between Evernote for macOS and iPadOS. At this moment, on iPad, we can’t: - select multiple notes - modify the creation date - sort checklist items - copy app link to a note - merge notes - edit tables I’d also like to have more keyboard shortcuts to use all (or almost all) Evernote feature without touch the screen.
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