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  1. That doesn't work until something changes, and it hasn't yet changes. It might be reputation, age, number of posts, or number of replies. I can't find that information anywhere, but I'm certain that my account settings page doesn't have the Signature option.
  2. So I've been looking for a while to see why the Signature option isn't there for me. I think it's because you don't get that option until your account reaches a certain age or a certain number of posts. It almost makes sense that the option wouldn't be there at all until you reach that point because spammers would just come in, figure out the rule, do whatever they had to do to meet it, and then make their signature. But if the rule is "Make 20 replies" or something, then they'd probably get kicked off trying to do that unless they actually added value. I'll add a feature request that the place where you set your signature show up as "Once you've _____________, you can create a signature for yourself which will appear before all your posts. Please enjoy helping others learn!"
  3. I looked there earlier. I only saw these: Overview Email Address Display Name .. and these: Other Settings Notification Settings Edit Profile Ignored Users
  4. I love that idea. It will encourage me to post more too. I can't find where I can set my signature though. Maybe my account isn't old enough?
  5. Good spam, do you think? Or should people not bother you about their efforts to make our world better? If anyone has an opinion either way, I'm interested. I always enjoy reading about others' efforts, and appreciate the social risks they take to inform me.
  6. The trash can is at the bottom of the list of notebooks. So, for idiots such as myself, I request a really simple feature which is this: When the Undo menu item has nothing to do, have it pop up a message box that says: "There is nothing to undo, but you may want to check the trash can at the bottom of your list of notebooks or..." and then list any other places a person might need to go to undo something that the undo button doesn't handle.
  7. If a note is selected and you hit the delete key, it disappears without no warning or even any indication. It's like losing a finger! There are several solutions and I'm very surprised that I couldn't find any of them: When the delete key is pressed and Evernote is about to delete a note, use a message box to ask the user for confirmation. Once a note has been deleted, just keep it hidden for a while, and throw up a message box that say so: "You note is now in the deleted notebook, which can be accessed only from the ___ menu. Make the Undo menu item UNDelete a note that was just deleted.. Add "Restore Deleted Note" to the Edit menu. I will be happy if I see that this change has been made. I will be even happier if you check out and share chose.community, a website I recently made in my effort to make the world a better place. Evernote is already a part of "CHOSEN" I would provide a link, but I refuse to be a spammer.
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