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  1. I posted in another forum to discover that whilst the Evernote search facility is amazing with notes, attachments like PDFs, JPGs, etc it can not search .eml files. Its easy to drag and drop an email from Macs Mail program into a note and it shows as an attachment and is easy to open or quick look. But sadly Evernote does not search these .eml files. I am not really sure why. I know you can email a note - but this makes it tricky if you don't necessarily want to show the whole content of the email "in-line" but may need that info later. Email file attachments sit neatly on your note and if you want to view it its easy to see - but really the search facility on these files is a must?
  2. Thanks - glad I am not missing something - but I do think the feature would be useful... Thanks for your help.
  3. I am totally Mac and iOS based actually. But I would imagine the lack of searching these files still applies. Thats a shame it cant search .eml files and I wonder why - as it can search PDFs and photos etc
  4. I am a premium member, does that count?
  5. I want to get some emails into evernote - rather than emailing to my evernote email address i can just drag and drop them onto the note - I can add as many emails as I like to a note. I can quick look them on my mac or download etc. An easy way of getting correspondence into the note. HOWEVER - i don't think its possible to search within the email attachment - I tried copying and posting some text into the search box and there was no results - am I doing something wrong!?
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