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  1. I went the export/import route with the individual notes... this was very easy... sorta like how easy it was to change email addresses... hahaha. Thanks again for the help. I haven't got too deep into yet, but it seems like this (exporting the .enex file) would be the way or a good way to back up my notes from time to time.
  2. Worked ! I guess putting it into simple terms is the best way to go. I'll remember that. Thanks for your help with this. I greatly appreciate it. NOW... I'd like to get the 3 notes I made in Account B over to Account A... is that pretty simple too? I'm reading the Evernote files on how to export... using the Mac version. I'll post how it goes. Thanks again.
  3. I have Account A with Email 1. I have Account B with Email 2. I want to remove Email 2 in Account B and use Email 2 in Account A. I want to continue to use Account A but with Email 2. What is your solution?
  4. To clarify: I have an original Evernote account with an email address I don't want to use. I have a second Evernote account I created using an email that I want to use on the original Evernote account. I have reactivated the original Evernote account. In my original Evernote account I switch to the temp email address. How is this going to allow me to use the email address being used by the second Evernote account?
  5. Same with me. My solution. Delete Evernote. I'll stick with OS X Notes.
  6. In 2013 I signed up using Evernote using an Yahoo email Last week I wanted to stop using the original email address and not understanding how to do it in Evernote I signed up using a different email address. What I really wanted to do was change my email address. I deactivate the new account so I could use that email address on the old/original account, but it's not letting me. 1. How can I go about keeping the original Evernote account, but attaching it to the new email address that I want to use? 2. Aside from manually transferring my content over to the new email address Ever
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