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  1. There is no option to subscribe for a single month that I can see.
  2. The content of the book was all in a single note, and that note seems to have reverted to an earlier state, resulting in the loss of 2/3rds of the content. What I really need is for Evernote technical staff to query the database and see if my data exists somewhere. I do not have any other notes besides this book.
  3. 2/3rd of the pages of a book I started writing in Evernote (Windows app) recently disappeared. One would think that, since Evernote's primary purpose is to retain notes, this sort of thing would not happen. The missing pages were written during the month of April (2017). The missing pages are not in a "trash" folder. Maybe they are in a revision history, but of course I can't access that without upgrading. I have tried several times to contact support through chat, but the website always says chat is unavailable -- even during its posted operational hours. And, of cour
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