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  1. I Couldnt agree more! It is absolutely ridiculous. I LOVE the windows look, and its very easy to organize notes. Its simple. You have all your notes on the land hand side like an outlook folder list that you can move all around with ease, and better, sort with ease.... AND THEN.... for some ODD reason, on the mac version, it is absolutely atrocious. Instead of making it that simple (literally its the same amount of window space so why so hard?), you have options on the left that nobody cares about (tags, atlas, trash), and it shows only recent notes. You have to CLICK on notes or notebooks (different options, lame), and it takes up the WHOLE WINDOW NOW to show you your selections. Then you have to click on your notebook, then your note. Literally, 2-3 more clicks to get to your note instead of windows where it is a simple 2 clicks from beginning to end. Click on notebook - click on the note. WORSE, with mac, God forbid if you want to SORT your notes. Because now you have to find your note, do a RIGHT CLICK, and move it. Just a disaster the way that this is laid out. Its amazing how a company as big as evernote has allowed such a disaster with their mac version of evernote. Also, side note, they have totally destroyed their iphone mobile app view. Their old evernote app look was PERFECT. Now, when you open it, maybe it tries to sync or something right away, because it always freezes when you open it, and god forbid you do a search (because the new look makes it harder to get to your note), because the search will then freeze. Clicking on the note is another freeze. Updating the note now, and then i have had issues where the sync doesnt appear right away like it did. Why is evernote going downhill so badly?
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