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  1. Wow 2017 and screen clippings still go to their own note. This is horrible! A real oversight and shortcoming of what would otherwise be a great app. I don't believe for a second that the problem is "there are too many edge cases." We live in an age of software design in which if something sounds simple, it's probably no big deal to implement in code, unless of course the existing code is designed in such a way as to necessitate rewriting and restructuring to accommodate such a basic idea. Perhaps this is why Evernote has never implemented it - their existing code was not future proof enough. I use the Clip To Evernote extension for Chrome, and the way it should work (indeed the way I expected it to work before my rude awakening) was that I'd clip something, it would be stored in the extension, then I could go to any existing note and paste it in there. I bet this is how most people thought it would work, and I bet all of those people were shocked that it was not possible. I've done some extensive beta testing of other applications and have found that when some very obvious "no brainer" feature is not being implemented despite thousands of requests for it, the reason usually given by the developers (in private) is that to implement it would break existing code or that the existing code base was not designed with enough foresight to accommodate it.
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