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  1. Hi Annah, I was just reading through this stream again, and noted EdH's comment about history is your friend in evernote premium. I have just gone through the history, and have found my note! so good!!! thanks bettim1993
  2. Hi there, I am having the same problem . and I'm a premium user. I have had a note randomly overlayed with another note in the body of the content. I am not sure how many times this has happened, but I think I concur with the comments above, as on thinking about it, I did something new yesterday, checking out how notes looked on my iPhone and changing the list options - perhaps this has impacted the way things have been synced. I have Evernote set that it only syncs on my MacBook (downloaded Evernote app) on request, as I have teenage kids who complain about the Ping?? This is a real problem for me as I am using Evernote as my notebook for study, and I really can't afford to lose my notes! I also don't want to be duplicating the notes in say word! I can't find the content from the note that I have lost anywhere in Evernote. I have worked on both these notes recently, with the one that is visible being worked on in past month I think, and the wk1a Mod 2 being worked on in past couple of weeks (could have been yesterday if I tweaked something). I really want both these notes, and would love to know that Evernote continues to be reliable, as I can not afford random losses, especially when I might not be aware of it to follow it up!
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