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  1. Well, I wasn't trying to chat I only wanted to share the note. I don't really need the chat feature. But I really think it should be working much faster. This felt quite unreliable and even somewhat scary, knowing that notes that you share can get so strangely locked up and potentially lost. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm hoping that notebook sharing will work much better. Hopefully you guys can patch this up. I'd really like to share notes and be confident that it's going to work reliably and efficiently.
  2. Hi everyone. I was just trying out the share feature with my friend. I'm a premium, and he's a free account user. While doing so, we ran into several problems: I managed to share a note with him, and he was able to see it in his default notebook. However, we both did not see it in the "shared" section until closing the application and starting it up again. But that was the least of our problems. We also noticed that he was unable to delete the note, but we assumed that this was standard functionality. Then I tried unsharing the same note. I went to Share / Modify sharing. Then clicked "Modify individual permissions for this note," and there pressed X next to his email address. However, that didn't do anything. The note still remained on his notebook, even after clicking the sync multiple times and waiting for several minutes. All the time the note remained in the "Shared" section for both of us. I suggested he should try to delete it, and he couldn't. The delete button didn't do anything. So I tried deleting it on my end and managed to do so, but the note still remained on his end, even after restarting the application. Then I told him to delete the whole Evernote database folder, and that seemed to work. This way he was finally able to get rid of that note but retain his own notes, obviously from the Evernote server. This all makes the sharing feature completely unusable for us. Then again, I can't imagine this isn't a known bug already. Any idea if it's something that we did wrong, or is there really something broken? Thanks
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