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  1. Count your lucky stars, you're rare exception. It hasn't work for so long, I have to constantly switch to Chrome if I want to capture anything. And based on the reviews of the plugin, along with the comments in here, I'm assuming that I'm not alone on this boat.
  2. Thanks again. Hopefully once the root issue of unpredictable behavior is uncovered / resolved (if it is still being seeked), the removed functionalities would be put back. I'm saying it because I know how product teams tend to forget / de-prioritize it if there is no customer demand / push back.
  3. Thanks Jason. This used to be possible, which changed at some point not too recently, either by design or due to a regression.
  4. @Jason Miller How about indented code block? if you are not at the start of the line with no indentation at all, it is impossible to add a code block. This used to be possible, but now it is impossible. And as you may know, in many situations, specially with clips from the web or heavy editing, Evernote makes it impossible to be able to insert a line that is at 0 position, effectively impossible to add a code block.
  5. Yes, it happens on any selection, CRLF is appended all the time. Quite annoying, like the other issues, impossible to paste without first pasting it to notepad and then selecting the text without CRLF. Specially bad when pasting directly to a console / shell.
  6. Adding the unnecessary, undesired, annoying CR-LF into every copied partial text bug is still persistent. Give credit to Evernote for turning Text formatting into a rocket science. Seriously? after so many years of development and you manage to have this many text formatting issues?
  7. Can't be that difficult to remove what was added as a suffix. This is a regression, it was never like this until beta 2, so it was either added by design (I don't even want to try to understand why) or broken as part of code change, either way it should be trivial to fix.
  8. Got the new update Still has the issue. Can't fathom how such a low hanging fruit still remain unresolved. There is no other product out there that decides to insert a cr-lf into a clipboard copy buffer. What were Evernote developers were thinking? Once a great product now its showing its age and signs of bloat, bugs, slow fixes ...
  9. Hi, There is the most irritating and counter productive bug (hope you won't call it a feature) in Copy partial text from code section (not including the end to assure there is no accidental cr/lf selection) Paste it in a shell window, and cr/lf is pasted along effectively executing code that the intention was never to execute without typing more data. Can't tell you enough how aggravating this is, I know the issue and yet I find myself always falling prey to it. Please please fix this. Thanks
  10. Thanks again @gazumped. I've given up on Evernote in Firefox, no wonder the plugin ratings is so low. I spent a lot of time trying to isolate this. Started with a fresh new Firefox profile and added the plugin, of course it works, I added few of my core plugins and setup as I usually do. It broke with Tabs Mix Plus. Went over every single setting of Tabs Mix Plus until I narrowed it down to "Enable to Single Window Mode", this needs to be disabled, for whatever reasons, otherwise the plugin opens an empty tab. I figure ok, I can live with that, changed the setting on my main profile, and it was still broken. Narrowed it down to having to delete evernote* cookies Great, now I got a sign-in dialog, and entered my credentials. Red dot did not disappear Not only that, now if you click on it, you get a popup that disappears immediately, have to delete the cookies to get back to sign in popup, and of course you need to restart the browser in between. After a lot more time wasted, it turns out if you have Third Party Cookies disabled, it will never work even on a virgin profile with only Evernote clipper installed. You add couple of more addons and things break again. Seriously who runs FF with no plugins and everything set to default? Do Evernote folk perform any tests or do they rely on customers finding bugs for them? Thanks for listening to my rant.
  11. Thanks @gazumped and sorry for the delayed response. I switched to FF x64 and was able to install the Evernote addon Sadly though, like many other users, I'm unable to use the addon in FF It has the red dot which is supposed to Sign-In to Web Clipper when I click on it. It comes up with a blank page, and nothing more. If I sign-on to https://www.evernote.com/Home.action Manually. The blank page does not even come on, nada.
  12. Trying to install the Webclipper addon on Waterfox version 52.0.1 (64-bit) I always get addons.mozzila.org The add-on downloaded from this site could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt I tried with evernote_web_clipper- and evernote_web_clipper-6.11beta1-an+fx-windows.xpi Looking at the plugin contents, I don't see install.rdf, chrome.manifest, ... How is this expected to install?
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