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  1. Evernote creates an "alias" email address for users to email notes directly into our database of notes. The email address is in this format: <display name>.<random string>@m.evernote.com When email notes are sent to this address, they are stored in the "default" notebook. We can direct a message to a specific notebook by including the notebook name in the subject line. HOWEVER, if we subscribe to a newsletter we cannot affect the subject line. All newsletters end up piling into the default notebook and we must manually move them into the desired notebook. I'd like to suggest giving users a way to indicate the notebook name in the email address, so that we can have newsletters go into the desired notebook. This could be accomplished by changing the alias email address to this format: <display name>.<random string>.<notebook name>@m.evernote.com By allowing users to add a DOT and then define the notebook name, the alias address becomes a way to direct subscriptions to the desired notebook. If users leave off the notebook name in the alias address, the note will go to the default notebook, as currently happens. This should not be too difficult to implement and will be very helpful for thousands of Evernote users. Thank you very much for considering this new feature. Regards, Opher Banarie
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