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  1. Lack of Markdown was one of the key reasons why I migrated away from Evernote.
  2. Yeah, right-clicking doesn't bring up any context menu and in View > Sidebar Options the ability to uncheck "Upgrade Your Team" is dimmed.
  3. I'm a premium user on Evernote 6.11 (not App Store version), MacOS Sierra. How is this still a thing? This thread was started almost a year ago now. It's extremely frustrating that this issue is being ignored/not given priority. I've cancelled my membership and won't be renewing it until this is addressed. I don't know what's going on but whether this is an issue of a broken product, a product that isn't broken but is put out by a company that refuses to/can't fix it, or a product that features irrelevant adverts to paying customers, I do know that there's no sense in continuing to pay for a premium membership so long as this annoying button is on the sidebar.
  4. I'd be interested in a feature that would allow me to search tagged notes using a wildcard *before* the search key, not only after. Right now, I'm only able to use a wildcard to search for notes tagged like "science.*", which would return notes tagged with "science.immunology, science.pharmacology" etc. Why not also enable searches for "*.immunology"?
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