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  1. Same problem. Typing in Evernote, with a query term in the middle pane (I almost ALWAYS have a query term in the middle pane; that's how I find the note I want to edit). Alt-Tab in Windows to go to another program. Copy some text into the copy - paste buffer. Alt - tab back to Evernote. Where is my cursor? Nowhere to be found. If I Ctrl-V to paste the text that is in the copy - paste buffer, it simply has no effect. The paste buffer is not pasted. (Perhaps, sometimes, the text seems to appear at the VERY BOTTOM of the note). More usually, I have to click with the mouse cursor to restore the Evernote cursor to where it was before I left the program by Alt-Tab. THIS BEHAVIOR IS TOTALLY NEW TO A RECENT VERSION OF EVERNOTE; I HAVE BEEN USING EVERNOTE FOR YEARS WITHOUT IT BEHAVING THIS WAY. IS IT A BUG OR A FEATURE? i DON'T KNOW, BUT, IF THE EVERNOTE DEVELOPERS THINKS IT IS A FEATURE, IT IS A VERY VERY BAD FEATURE. PLEASE EITHER TEACH US HOW TO AVOID THIS FEATURE (IS IT AN OPTION?) OR REMOVE THIS FEATURE, OR FIX THIS BUG. Note, if you clear the query term from the middle pane, then the cursor does NOT seem to get lost. Windows 10 (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829)
  2. I figured it out, really. There was a character in uni-code format in the source material (which came originally from text on a web-site). That uni-code formatted character was preserved in the Notepad rendition of the text, but that was not accepted by Evernote. Here is the URL that was the source of the text: http://www.swarthmore.edu/student-handbook/academic-resources-and-support The text I could not paste into Evernote is here, between the two following words: classrooms,
  3. I think a key variable is the length of the string in the buffer. It works below some threshold and breaks above same.
  4. let me correct one thing -- the PASTE failure is NOT specific to the new note. I can't paste the simple text into an old note either.
  5. I can not paste anything into a newly created Evernote. I'm on a PC (Windows 7), not a Mac. The source of the text is just the plain old text editor. I copied from a web page and pasted to the the simple text editor (called Notepad). Then I highlighted the text in Notepad, copied it to buffer, and attempted to paste to Evernote. It fails to respond in any way. Then I went to an older (pre-existing) note and was able to paste into that note. So -- the issue is NOT specific to Mac; NOT related to formatting; NOT related to the source of the text (i.e. what application it was copied from), and IS related to the difference between a new note and an old note. I exited Evernote client, and restarted it, and I still can NOT paste into the "new" note. So there is something durably wrong with the "new" note, even after it is not so new anymore. The defective note is already synced to the cloud since I can open it on my iPhone. But, still defective for receipt of pasted text on the PC inside the client. The client version is: (304720) Public. So I updated to New version: (305512) Public. EXACT SAME BEHAVIOR. I'm stumped and a bit upset. This is useless without being able to paste. I found that I could type in Evernote several words, then copy those words, and paste them even into the note that will not receive text from outside the note. So it seems to care if the buffer was filled inside Evernote vs outside evernote.
  6. When I use autocorrect to take notes on a meeting, I touch type, so I can look at the people I'm speaking with or follow a presentation. Then, when i look at what I have typed, I find that Evernote has autocorrected my spelling (which is appropriate). Since I work in a technical field alot of what I typed (correctly) has been autocorrected to the wrong word that Evernote has guessed at (incorrectly). I would like to be able to hover over the wrongly corrected words, right click, and have a choice to "reverse the autocorrection" for that particular word.
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