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  1. Same problem. Typing in Evernote, with a query term in the middle pane (I almost ALWAYS have a query term in the middle pane; that's how I find the note I want to edit). Alt-Tab in Windows to go to another program. Copy some text into the copy - paste buffer. Alt - tab back to Evernote. Where is my cursor? Nowhere to be found. If I Ctrl-V to paste the text that is in the copy - paste buffer, it simply has no effect. The paste buffer is not pasted. (Perhaps, sometimes, the text seems to appear at the VERY BOTTOM of the note). More usually, I have to click with the mouse cursor to
  2. I figured it out, really. There was a character in uni-code format in the source material (which came originally from text on a web-site). That uni-code formatted character was preserved in the Notepad rendition of the text, but that was not accepted by Evernote. Here is the URL that was the source of the text: http://www.swarthmore.edu/student-handbook/academic-resources-and-support The text I could not paste into Evernote is here, between the two following words: classrooms,
  3. I think a key variable is the length of the string in the buffer. It works below some threshold and breaks above same.
  4. let me correct one thing -- the PASTE failure is NOT specific to the new note. I can't paste the simple text into an old note either.
  5. I can not paste anything into a newly created Evernote. I'm on a PC (Windows 7), not a Mac. The source of the text is just the plain old text editor. I copied from a web page and pasted to the the simple text editor (called Notepad). Then I highlighted the text in Notepad, copied it to buffer, and attempted to paste to Evernote. It fails to respond in any way. Then I went to an older (pre-existing) note and was able to paste into that note. So -- the issue is NOT specific to Mac; NOT related to formatting; NOT related to the source of the text (i.e. what application it was copied fr
  6. When I use autocorrect to take notes on a meeting, I touch type, so I can look at the people I'm speaking with or follow a presentation. Then, when i look at what I have typed, I find that Evernote has autocorrected my spelling (which is appropriate). Since I work in a technical field alot of what I typed (correctly) has been autocorrected to the wrong word that Evernote has guessed at (incorrectly). I would like to be able to hover over the wrongly corrected words, right click, and have a choice to "reverse the autocorrection" for that particular word.
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