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  1. Great! Really nice hearing from you with your excellent advice. Thanks again.
  2. What I should have said was that the Clip options (which I was using before I migrated to my new PC) were both missing - but I didn't notice that they had reappeared in my screenshot! However, IE11 on my old PC had an option to Clip selection which Is missing in my screenshot. Nevertheless, I just booted up my pc and lo and behold all three options now appear! I seems that I needed to restart and open and close IE11 several times before the menu items all registered. Curiouser and curiouser! Anyway, sorry to have bothered you and thanks for your help.
  3. New pc windows 10 IE11 - Evernote (clip page/clip selection) is missing from right click menu although 'Add to Evernnote 5' is available on the Tools menu. My Evernote Add-in is enabled. Should I try uninstalling/reinstalling Evernote or is there an IE11 feature that I can action? Any help or ideas will be welcome!
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