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  1. I hadn't thought of that. If you really need 158 layers of notebooks, then tags might be for you. And the 1-to-many approach offers a lot of flexibility.
  2. Some people like tags, others use notebooks - they're really quite similar when you think about it, like Gmail's tags are basically folders (in fact that's how they're managed outside of native gmail). Some people like one giant bucket and use pure search to find what they want. It depends on your use case, and your style. I prefer a mix of notebooks and tags, actually tags are losing their usefulness for me. An app can't be everything for everyone, and there are usually workarounds; if not, try another tool.
  3. You can create three levels of notebooks; it's not infinite but it feels about right to me.
  4. I haven't read all 36 pages of this thread. I am able to create sub-notebooks very easily, by drag-and-dropping them where I want. Are people not aware of this feature?
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