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  1. So you can do every formatting: highlighting, color, font type, font size, etc.... But you can't quickly access "saved" styles / headers / keyboard shortcuts to quickly organize your note ??? Come on... I have been using Evernote for years as premium but this drives me nuts...
  2. Hello oliblue, Interesting. No I haven't tried the direct version but indeed thought that could be a solution. When did you have this conversation with them?
  3. I am very aware of the bug and have been dealing with it for months. I had applied the above technique on an older macbook back in January and it worked well. I bought a new macbook in April and started with a clean sytem. I faced the issue again but decided to give it a chance and wait for an update. I install updates very regularly. Right now, I have the latest macOS Serria 10.12.6 (not yet yet high serria though) and the latest evernote version (6.12.3). At least, it's the latest version from the app store. From my perspective, it's all up-to-date. I tried to edit a PDF this morning, I faced the issue again. I had been patient enough, so I took the time to tweak and apply this technique that had worked in the past. Unless there is a process to effectively solve the issue, like a fresh install, I don't think this is resolved. Despite the fact that I follow automatic updates, this morning it wasn't working. At least not from my perspective.
  4. Still works if done accordingly to your setup. Here is how I got it to work on my setup (macOS Serria 10.12.6 & Evernote 6.12.3) Use it only of your understand what this is doing My sequence of terminal commands: mkdir ~/Evernote\ Cache cd ~/Library/Containers/ mv com.evernote.Evernote ~/Evernote\ Cache ln -s ~/Evernote\ Cache/com.evernote.Evernote Comments: Evernote cached directory indeed moved in the last months (I guess Evernote update its app to be sandboxed also, just like it was done for Preview with Serria update) you can't move only a subpart of the sandbox files of evernote but the whole folder (see a hint here). The folder to be moved and symlinked must be ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote and not one of it's subfolder. I tried that initially, it's doesn't work. Don't know the underlying reason though. I created a folder "Evernote Cache" for my home folder to keep it a bit cleaner and more explicit (just my opinion) I hope it will help some of you. Evernote, this doesn't prevent you for looking for a solution! Preview is by far one of the most efficient and fast PDF reader on macOS.
  5. The terminal workaround aboe used to work like a charm for me but I upgraded to a new macbook pro and can't get it to work. It seems that the last Evernote version is sandboxed so the folder structure is now different. I tried a few things but the evernote fails to open. This is really super annoying. Croping images, commenting or highlithing PDF is so much more handy on Preview...
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