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  1. It doesn't look like they will bring it back. It's been over a year now... I'm definitely looking for comparable vendors. This feature was a key driver in my decision to purchase premium. I understand the moral behind allocating resources to better features, but when you are paying for the product, not the free version, and you are specifically paying for a key feature, this is non-sensible. Simplifying is great but there aren't many features to maintain as is.
  2. Agreed with all. It's just hard to agree with the company's decision to remove this from the premium version. It's a major problem because I paid to use this feature. How else are we supposed to present our notes when speaking?
  3. Hey all, thank you for the hard work you do that has made Evernote such a great product. I've loved it so much that I became a premium member and even an evangelist when the opportunity arises. As shared throughout this forum already, I was very disappointed to learn that presentation mode was removed in the latest iOS version (version 8, I believe). I'd like to request however that this be added back. From a developer standpoint, I can certainly appreciate focusing on features of priority to the end user experience. While I don't know the cost-benefit to maintain this feature, I do know that it is one of the reasons that I paid for the premium service, as I'm sure more than a few other users have as well. This would be a different conversation if we were discussing the free service plan, but I like others specifically paid for the premium service to be able to use one of the features such as this. It's especially helpful when presenting and speaking to an audience to be able to overview your notes in cleanly formatted, clutter free manner. I am of course open to other means of accomplishing this through a new feature, but I strongly disagree with the decision to drop this feature given it's simple but usefulness and that people have paid specifically for this feature. I'd to like respectfully request reconsideration to include this feature. Additionally, this feature is still listed in the app's features screen for premium members. I appreciate the opportunity to offer feedback and thanks again.
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