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  1. Ok, So I am new to evernote and I was searching around for ideas of how to structure my evernote. I wanted to share wihte other new people and receive comments / feedback of how others use. My goal for evernote is mainly to have a core location for my important files such as taxes and other files I store in google drive Examples of using organization in Evernote (Attached is a diagram of how I have my evernote notebacks and stacks set up example, organize by year. The bellow structure is - Stack -- notebook -- Tags _INBOX (Default Notebook) -- All emails and scanned files go here, tag as need then move to appropriate notebook _My-Files (notebook) -- All files with Tags go here if they don't go underneath financial management Notebook Stack -- (Stack) -- Collection of notebooks for taking notes IT Notes (Notebook) -- Random IT notes work related or home go here John Notebook (notebook) -- Where random notes about things will go Work Related (Stack) -- All work related Notebooks and files go here My Work Locations Wife Work Locations zFinancial Management -- Stack ( I start the stack with a "z" because I want the stack at the bottom of all the other stacks Taxes (notebook) -- W2, 1099, 1095, etc... actual tax documents saved in this notebook Expenses (notebook) -- everything below are tags - Anything with the below tag will likely be saved in Expenses Notebook YYYY --- Will tag with the year plus some of the below Receipts Utility bills Medical Receipt Loans Bank Statements Credit Cards Budget Checks Tax Deduction ** NOTE ** Because tags above exist underneath notebooks this is just an example of showing where files would moved if one of those tags are added to it TAGS <<-- What I have so far 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Airlines Wife Backup <<-- I tag attachments with one of these tags letting me know I have the actually attachment backed up online some where such as Gdrive G-Drive G-mail Dropbox ME (my name goes here) Confirmation Number House Items Electronics Invoice-Receipts House A Expenses House B Expenses Kids Johnny Jane June Ginger Organization Notes Photos Receipts Medical Receipt Resumes Taxes Tax Deduction Travel Houses << -- Past houses we have lived in House 1 House 2 House 3 Utility Bills Websites Naming Scheme << -- Still in work Generic YYYY-MM-DD-category-company Documents tied to a person YYYY-MM-DD-Person-File_purpose/category Receipts YYYY-MM-DD-Vendorpurchasedfrom-Item TAGS Search for Notes missing tags -tag:tagname <<< this will show you all files that DONT have that tag name I am about to integrate filethis.com into the above structure but I haven't yet
  2. When your in evernote application in Windows. You have the ability to assign tags (Tag Note = CTRL+ALT+T). You get a list of Tags (see Attached) It would be nice, when your view tags in this screen if it showed the tags nested. For example, All the test tags in the screen shot are actually create underneath another Tag. It would be nice if your in the assign tag screen that you can choose a view to see the tags in their nested state instead of all the tags being flat.
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