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  1. Yea, I'm in agreement with everyone here and am yet again fed up with the Evernote team, who charges a premium price and doesn't deliver on basic features. On the plus side I just, like 20 min ago, stumbled upon http://elephant.mine.nu/ which has markdown support, handles attachments, is cross platform and syncs via dropbox, google drive, box.com or whatever sync client you have. At an initial review the app seems to be exactly what I wanted Evernote to be... oh and it's free. ( ymmv ) ( I'm not the developer, or even heard about this app before today, I don't gain anything from anyone using it, just trying to assist other frustrated users of Evernote like myself )
  2. Totally agree, Evernote is fantastic but lack of markdown support hurts, I doubt I'll renew, seems I check evernote out every couple years then leave out of frustration and eventually come back to just leave again lol. This is the main feature that drives that
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