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  1. Hello ! The clipper works very well for me most of the time, but the other day I tried to use it in an online catalogue and it just won't work. It does work on other tabs in the same session, just not on that particular website. It doesn*t work on the general list, like this http://colombo.imss.fi.it/IMSS/?uilang=it&q=orto+semplici+AND+branches%3A12+AND+branches%3A12&_ga=1.48272870.1151713285.1489231763 nor on the individual items pages like this one http://colombo.imss.fi.it/IMSS/?uilang=it&q=orto+semplici+AND+branches%3A12+AND+branches%3A12&_ga=1.48272870.1151713285.1489231763 Is there a way to fix this ? I wanted to signal it to evernote but I never managed to actually find the form to report it... Thank you for any help
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