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  1. Hi all, I have the same problem that others voiced already back in 2016: "whenever I log into the computer Evernote also starts even though I do not have this option checked in preferences. I believe that the length of time it takes for Evernote to load hinders my ability to immediately work. The time that Evernote takes to load when I log on is unreasonable long and I would like to change this. How can I turn off loading when I log in? As I said previously, this option is NOT checked in preferences." Sadly all posts evolving around this very topic are closed for further comments, and the promise was that the Evernote Team was going to look into it. Can somebody please clue me if there is a solution? ( The box to lauch on start-up is unchecked! )
  2. Are there any updates or better answers to this topic. This "ENattachmentToPDFHelper" is killing my brand new MacBookPro/ Sierra 10.12.3. Was trying to figure out what drains my battery and it seems EN is the problem: 99.8% Energy impact, 453 MB memory , 99.1% CPU ....
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