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  1. Thank you, jefito. I understand how that can be helpful, and I'm also glad that I can 'hide' it when doing a simple search. I look forward to exploring more of the new features.
  2. Thank you, Gazumped. I didn't realize that I wasn't using the latest version. I am now! The 'search explanation' bar is what I was complaining about. I see now that I can simply hide it. Much better! I also just realized that my search results include words in the body of the notes and are listed in the order in which I'm viewing my notes; for example, sorted by "Updated." Therefore, when I search "social media," I see several in the list where social media is in the title, but they are not all at the top as I expected. Maybe there's a way to configure this. If not, at least I now underst
  3. As I'm standing in the store in front of the ink cartridges, I pulled up Evernote on my phone and searched for "ink." I got some article (not relevant). I KNOW I have the cartridges I need listed here! When I got to my desktop, I started to dig around and confirmed that my two devices on the basic plan are indeed desktop and phone. Check. On the desktop I typed "ink" and got some invoice (again, not relevant).Then I typed "ink cartridges" and YES, images of the packaging appear telling me what I need to buy. In the browser. I tried both searches. No results. On my
  4. Hi. I'm not sure in what version this changed, but what frustrates me is the search function. Instead of the results being notes that match, I get a commentary on how many notes were found in which notebooks. Now I have to click again. And when a list does appear, the one with the exact match is NOT on top. Very frustrating. I want to revert to whatever version prior to this change.
  5. I've used and loved Evernote for years. Then things changed. I wouldn't even mind paying for it, but now it seems every other day, there's a new version to install (I'm currently at vs. and I can't keep up with the changes. The most frustrating is the way Search works. I absolutely hate it. Now when I search, the results tell me that "X was found in several notebooks." How does that help me??? Sometimes it lists all the notes in which X was found, but the one matching exactly is not even at the top of this list. Can someone tell me which version had the normal search fu
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