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  1. Thank you, jefito. I understand how that can be helpful, and I'm also glad that I can 'hide' it when doing a simple search. I look forward to exploring more of the new features.
  2. Thank you, Gazumped. I didn't realize that I wasn't using the latest version. I am now! The 'search explanation' bar is what I was complaining about. I see now that I can simply hide it. Much better! I also just realized that my search results include words in the body of the notes and are listed in the order in which I'm viewing my notes; for example, sorted by "Updated." Therefore, when I search "social media," I see several in the list where social media is in the title, but they are not all at the top as I expected. Maybe there's a way to configure this. If not, at least I now understand how it's working. Thank you for your tips. (Ah, just created a table of contents with the highlighted notes. This will help, also.)
  3. As I'm standing in the store in front of the ink cartridges, I pulled up Evernote on my phone and searched for "ink." I got some article (not relevant). I KNOW I have the cartridges I need listed here! When I got to my desktop, I started to dig around and confirmed that my two devices on the basic plan are indeed desktop and phone. Check. On the desktop I typed "ink" and got some invoice (again, not relevant).Then I typed "ink cartridges" and YES, images of the packaging appear telling me what I need to buy. In the browser. I tried both searches. No results. On my phone. I tried both searches. No results. If I'm out shopping, I NEED it to be here. VERY disappointed in this. Does anyone know what version had a working search function, and how do I revert to it?
  4. Hi. I'm not sure in what version this changed, but what frustrates me is the search function. Instead of the results being notes that match, I get a commentary on how many notes were found in which notebooks. Now I have to click again. And when a list does appear, the one with the exact match is NOT on top. Very frustrating. I want to revert to whatever version prior to this change.
  5. I've used and loved Evernote for years. Then things changed. I wouldn't even mind paying for it, but now it seems every other day, there's a new version to install (I'm currently at vs. and I can't keep up with the changes. The most frustrating is the way Search works. I absolutely hate it. Now when I search, the results tell me that "X was found in several notebooks." How does that help me??? Sometimes it lists all the notes in which X was found, but the one matching exactly is not even at the top of this list. Can someone tell me which version had the normal search function, and how I can revert to that? Felicia
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