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  1. OK excellent, thats a workaround. Reformatted via the web client and the notes open again. Weird. Hope it gets fixed; I use just my tablet for months at a time when I'm away doing research, so I don't have easy access to the desktop/web version. Thanks!
  2. Hmmm, the problem for me though is that the notes don't load any text at all. On the sidebar they show a little preview, but when I click the note I only get the title bar. The text never loads (so there is not way to change the formatting). Unfortunately, I've also discovered that it makes several notebooks unusable if the problem-note is the first note in the list, since Evernote automatically opens it which results in a freeze.
  3. Using Evernote on an iPad and an iPhone, recently have had a strange issue: particular notes appear in a given notebook, but fail to load and freeze the app and require a force quit. I can't find any sort of pattern to this; some notes I created and worked on as recently as yesterday, others are several weeks old (there are at least 6 notes that I have found that are failing to load and causing a crash, I don't really want to keep look although I suspect there are more). However, on both my phone and tablet, it is the same notes that cause the problem. Furthermore, one of the notebooks where s
  4. I had the same issue as KRL this morning. My Evernote email seems to have spammed a bunch of U.K. email addresses, and I got the bounce notification in my gmail. My Evernote username was changed to a different name as well. In the access history, there was access to my Evernote - via the web app - from IP addresses in Vietnam, India, and Thailand.
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