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  1. Hey DTLow, Thanks for the response. Yeah I'm going to consider getting Premium as they offer a student discount for it. I'm unsure if they offer one for plus though. What apps would you recommend for a Mac that are good for doing graphs and formulas which can later be put into evernote? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, Just had a few quick questions and hopefully someone in the community here can help me out. I've recently started using evernote and I love the way it formats text and some of the options is offers. Since I'm a student I'm considering getting premium but it all depends since I'm pretty low on money right now since it's been going to other things university related. Anyway, I was curious as to if Evernote had the capability of doing things like graphs? For example, in my maths lecture, when working with something like a cartesian plane for example, then is there any eas
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