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  1. You make an excellent point, gazumped. No need to keep Twitter but if it will make a difference I should give it a try. Thanks for the gentle slap on the back of the head. :-)
  2. Thanks, gazumped. I used the link you provided and that took me right back to the page I accessed to begin this whole process. That's what my question about "submit a ticket" was about since there are several answers you get from trying different categories of problem that get you to advice that says "submit a ticket" (it even says what to include) but doesn't say how or where to submit it. I am a paying customer (but not premium - I'm just an individual paying for, and using, their product but beginning to wonder if I need to move elsewhere since I don't seem to be able to get my concern
  3. Ok, I tried clicking the email title in the middle column (assumed right clicking) and do not get the save option. Don't know what the Twitter option is but I am not a Twitter user. Can you tell me how to "submit a ticket" ? (which I assume is a problem report to Evernote). Thank you.
  4. I have this same problem after having to rebuild my Win7 system and reinstall everything. The Clipper for Outlook (Office 2010) which used to be there is no longer. I tried following all the instructions on the Evernote site for the 2010 Outlook version (uninstalled EN, rebooted, reinstalled as Admin) but no luck. The Instructions further suggested going into the Outlook options and making sure that two Add-Ins are active: (1) Evernote Outlook Contact Connector (that is there and is active) and (2) Evernote.Outlook (which doesn't exist on my system, even on the Inactive or Disabled lists). Rei
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