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  1. On the Evernote for Windows app, I have a series of lines that each end with a newline sequence. If I select an entire line and then press Enter, the selected text is replaced with a blank line as expected. However, the newline at the end of the *next* line is also deleted causing two lines to be joined. I've attached "before" and "after" screenshots -- the only this I did in between the two was press Enter. - mb
  2. In both the Evernote web view and in the Windows app, there seems to be a page-down bug. If I don't update a note, the page-down works fine -- after I page down, the new top line is the line that was previously a line or two from the bottom. However, if I make a change to the page (as simple as adding a blank) and then page down, the note scrolls much farther. I *think* that when multiple changes are made on a screen before paging down, the scrolling is "off" by a larger amount. It can sometimes be almost two full screens instead of one. This often causes me to page down then immediately have to page up again to put me where I expect to be. Can anyone else reproduce this?
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