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  1. Today is day 1 for my Evernote Basic account. I have not created any notes yet. Yet this is what my account info (on mobile, Windows, and Web) says: 30.7 MB (51%) remaining this month Your monthly limit resets in 29 days Unfortunately this is 3rd month in a row where I have seen this pattern. Customer service please help.
  2. My monthly data limit was reset to 60 MB this morning at Mar 1st, 2017 at 3:00 AM EST. I have created 6 notes after that between 4:45-4:52 AM Mar 1st 2017totaling 229 KB. That is 3.8% of 60 MB But my account says I have used 31.8 MB (or 53% of my limit), can you explain this discrepancy? My ticket # is 2032820 Thanks in advance, Sonal
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