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  1. Activate wizard in Sticky Notes failure

    I'm creating own app. Currently are notes available by browser, plan continue. But it's only for my personal use, no public. Miro
  2. Activate wizard in Sticky Notes failure

    Evernote is perfect, but I can't wait that I'll find any Sticky Notes app for Evernote... Miro
  3. Activate wizard in Sticky Notes failure

    Yes, really. For to be correct: I have memory troubles, I cannot recover and if I see anything not, it is like lost. Notes in computer are forgotten if I do not look at at least daily. But my memory works in other ways very good, not whole is damaged... this is reality for me. Miro
  4. Activate wizard in Sticky Notes failure

    So, I try to find other solution - I was using Evernote only for sharing notes between my desktop and phone (both Windows) - nothing more. Sticky Notes for Evernote were nice solution to have it on desktop. If I can ask: Can you recommend me any app with only these components? 1. Notes online accessible in Windows 10 Mobile (phone), Windows 10 (desktop) with sync between 2. For desktop available to pin notes on dekstop as sticky notes 3. At least 10 notes available to use Thank you for help. Miro
  5. Activate wizard in Sticky Notes failure

    Truth is that support or forum is missing... but no one problem to this last install... You wrote that you have similar problem, reinstallation helped or not? I tried to reinstall Sticky Notes too, but nothing helped. Miro
  6. Activate wizard in Sticky Notes failure

    One thing is important: I was using Sticky Notes for Evernote long time and always were synced and correctly working with Evernote on my Desktop and Mobile (both Windows 10, earlier Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1),,, So "Plenty of nothing is still nothing" is not solution. Miro
  7. Activate wizard in Sticky Notes failure

    I try too... It looks same app. Miro
  8. Hi! I'm using long time Evernote and Evernote Sticky Notes. Now I created new clean Windows 10 install and installed both - Evernote and its Sticky Notes. I'm using Evernote also on my Windows Phone. At beginning using Sticky Notes is for sync req'd request activation link. I selected Evernote account and pushed request button. It outputs error: "The remote server returned an error: (411) Length Required." What to do? really don't know. In Evernote are notes visible and are in Notes Stickies... but can't display stickies... Thank you for each help. Miro