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  1. Hi, the evernote desktop app on my mac just updated and there are a few things that it changed that I'm trying to figure out, can you please help? Is it possible to switch back to the previous version? The previous version was almost perfect and I would prefer not to change anything about it. This version makes many changes to my workflow that I do not like. Why won't evernote let me edit the font and other formatting options in some notes and how can I fix this? Some notes work as normal but some notes are greyed out, like this:
  2. Thanks. Do you know if any of the pdf apps have this kind of extended feature for jumping to the next annotations?
  3. Thank you both! Do these tools allow you to search/filter through all annotations easily like I described in the first two questions? Also (if so), is it easy to save the annotated pdf in evernote and still be able to search/filter through annotations that i made in the app while viewing the pdf in evernote? Or would I have to view the annotated pdf in those apps for that feature? I would prefer to keep all of my annotated pdf's in evernote to keep them easy to read/organize if possible.
  4. Hi, I'm starting to use the annotate feature on pdfs and have some questions, can you please help? 1. Is there any way to search/filter through all of my annotations? (Kind of like how when you search for a term on a website it lets you jump from one to the next, but letting me jump between all my annotations in the pdf)? 2. The annotation summary seems to do this fairly well but it seems to cut off after a certain amount of annotations. I just annotated a 30 page pdf and its only showing the first twenty pages of annotations in the summary. Is there any way to make it show all the a
  5. Thank you. I just tried to trigger/force full sync and it did not fix the issue. I just checked here and it seems to include the notes that the macbook is missing. I believe that EN was installed on the MacBook that is having issues first. It was probably installed first on my previous MacBook that I owned about 9 years ago, and then was definitely installed on this MacBook before the iMac. Ok I will try this, thanks. Before I try it, I want to make sure that I don't accidentally delete or lose access to any notes or files that I had saved in ev
  6. Hi, I'm having an issue where Evernote is not properly syncing, can you please help? I have a MacBook and an iMac. The iMac doesn't seem to be missing any notes at all but the MacBook is missing many notes. I haven't been able to figure out what is causing the notes to go missing on the MacBook. Both applications are showing "All Notes". When I make a new note on the iMac, it seems to sync and go onto the MacBook Evernote app just fine, but there are many older notes from several years ago that are not showing on the MacBook. If I edit a note on the iMac that isn't showing up the on
  7. Thanks. Yes I suppose the same concern does apply to password, but I just added 2FA and I think that password can more easily be reset than 2FA. Not sure about either really, but want to understand it better and have a good system in place in case I ever lose password or 2fa. I don't have an icloud backup of notes yet, but I want to make one, and I have a few questions about which backups would be secondary files: 1. An icloud backup would be a secondary file if it's exported as an html file, right? 2. Is the data that's automatically stored on a Mac (without setting any
  8. Hi, if i have my database backed up on something like icloud and i have 2fa enabled, then would i still have access to the evernote files in icloud if i lost my 2fa phone and backup code? I want to use 2fa but also don't want to risk losing all my notes if something ever goes wrong.
  9. Thanks. I don't think that does what i'm looking for here though, it seems to only work on an individual note basis which would take a long time. I tried selecting multiple notes and don't see this option. I have about 2000 notes with the words "guitar chords" and, if i accidentally delete all of them , want to access/restore 'note history backup' for all of them. Does evernote have any kind of note history backup for the entire evernote database or by search terms or notebooks?
  10. Hi i'm wondering if Evernote has any kind of automatic continuous time-based interval backup system by default. Not sure what the best words for this are. What i mean is this: If i back up my mac and evernote on mac with something like time machine, it would automatically backup multiple copies of my database from different times, rather than just one backup. Does evernote do anything like this by default? I ask because a few months ago i had an issue where i accidentally deleted all of my notes with the words "guitar chords" in them, and (because there were thousands of notes) the
  11. Thanks so much! Hmm, I wasn’t aware of ENML and sqlite and not familiar with either. If something goes with evernote or i accidentally delete notes and I only had evernote on a mac, pc, and ios devices (but no other external hard drive or icloud backup), would i be able to recover and still access my notes? Would it be much more complicated to view it since its in ENML and sqlite? Or is it better to export frequently to HTML like you do? Curious how you back up to icloud drive…. do you use some sort of software to automate this (like maybe hazel or carbon c
  12. Thank you! How do you navigate to a note's finder folder? I don't see any option to view the note in finder via menu bar or right click in evernote...? I'm curious about doing this to increase redundancy. I thought that all files/notes in evernote were by default backed up locally in html format (in addition to being stored on evernote servers). Is this not true? Or do you do this to back up to external hard drive in addition to your computer? That works great! The only way that it could be better would be if i could make it
  13. Hi, i’m trying to bulk export audio file attachments in evernote to iTunes. Can you please help? I have a lot of notes in evernote with audio file attachments and i want to make playlists of all the audio files in an application like iTunes. I definitely also want to keep them as they are currently organized in Evernote at the same time though, don’t want to mess anything up. I just want to copy all the audio attachments, but i haven’t been able to find the attachments in the finder unless i manually download them one by one. Is there any way to see all of the audio f
  14. Thanks! Ok i want to preserve notebook so i won't use ENEX.
  15. Hi I’m wondering is there a way to auto-change out a group of text in all of my notes. Use case: I use evernote for guitar chords and it would be easier to make all chords written in the same way. Ie 'Dbm' and 'C#m' are the same chord but C#m is easier to remember for me. Can i easily/automatically change every instance where Dbm is written to be C#m instead (in all of my notes)? (With either evernote or a 3rd party tool.) If so, how?
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