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  1. way to go evernote, losing database entries...after upgrades and paid features that don't work!
  2. I can not Access the presentation layout editor, in premium on a note on the app in Mac Os. Hovering over the greyed out area queries 'Note contains un-editable content' There is no info in the forums about this generated error. What is it and how do I access presentation layout editor with this note?
  3. I don't want to watch a video with no verbal instructions , cutting to a shot of people's feet ... can't you do any better than that??? And that says nothing about the message I'm getting 'note contains un-editable content.' So there is not the option for splitiing up the presentation screen with the layout editor... And no explanation as to why
  4. First I had to upgrade to premium to try to retrieve a note evernote lost upon upgrading to Plus. Yes that happened. No it's not in the cloud. Now I don't see any option to split up a document when in presentation mode. I see: 'uneditible content' How do I split up a doc for presentation mode??
  5. In the evernote desktop app, I can see the note and see it has an image in it's icon, however when I click on the note it is empty. In the browser, cloud client , the note exists. What gives? No it's not in the trash
  6. I don't mean web app, android app, or iphone app. I mean MAC computer download. And why isn't it easier to find?????!
  7. where do I download the Mac platform? Its NOT on the evernote splash page and I don't want it if it's not free The download in itunes is only for the iphone. Not a Mac
  8. ON MAC COMMAND 'CLICK' does NOT work. I cannot select multiple notes according to the help page directions. Also why do I have to continuously sign in to evernote everytime it's opened in a new tab (the web page not the app evernote) Also where the heck is the Help > Activity Log? don't see it, it's not on the page... re: Mac In the menu, go to: Help > Activity Log... Click the 'Save As' button to save the log as a file on your computer Attach this file to a new support ticket or in reply to an existing support ticket email
  9. How do I clip a web page from an Android phone? All that is showing up in Evernote is the link address. No graphic, nada. What's the point of you can't clip web from phone?
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