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  1. So I did a quick search and saw that this feature was discussed back in 2011 and it has not seemed to change. A colleague and I have a shared folder. He cannot add new tags to his own notes in the shared folder. This is a huge oversight! The option to allow this permission is a must. As a creator of the note, I need my collaborators to have full-functioning access. The tag system is why the lot of us are here. Search functionality is a must. If a user who is using a shared folder cannot create their own tags, they are excluded from exploring the full potential of a shared platform. I hope this can get support and ultimately implemented. The official response I saw back in 2011 was that this was not a feature to prevent a collaborator from "polluting" the folder with new tags... Allow us to determine whether that is a concern. By granting access to the folder we are obviously assured that they will contribute quality content. Mind blowing oversight, haha. Anyways... what does the community think? Let's get them talking about this.
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